Vision and Mission

The Vision is business, government, and community working together to enhance the vitality of the downtown for the benefit of the Dickinson community. 


The Mission of the Downtown Dickinson is to create a vibrant downtown through effective development, communication, promotion, and education.


Executive Director, LoAnn Wegh:

Board Members
Kristi Schwartz


Jessica Coté

Val Decker



Dustin Dassinger

Mary Jo Baranko

Tori Barnum

Board Member

Josh Jacobson

Terry Dvorak

Bryan Nelson

Shea Thomas

Board Member

Board Member

Tracy Tooz

Jared Twogood


Downtown Dickinson Association - P.O. Box 2072 - 111 2nd St. W. Dickinson, ND  58602-2072    701-483-6949                                                       

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