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Why Downtown Dickinson?

  • Downtown districts are prominent employment centers.​

  • The downtown district is a reflection of community image, pride, prosperity, and level of investment.

  • Downtown represents a significant portion of the community's tax base.

  • The traditional commercial district is an ideal location for independent businesses, which in turn: 

    • Keeps profits in town with local owners

    • Supports other local businesses and services

    • Supports local families with family-owned businesses

    • Supports local community projects

    • Provides a stable economic foundation with direct ties to the community

  • Downtown is the historic core of the community.

  • A vital downtown area reduces sprawl by concentrating business in one area and uses community resources wisely, such as existing infrastructure, tax dollars, and land.

  • A healthy downtown core protects property values in surrounding residential neighborhoods.

  • The district is a government center where city hall, municipal buildings, the courthouse, and/or post office are located. It often is an important service center, as well, for finding attorneys, insurance offices, financial institutions and other important services.

  • Downtown provides an important civic forum, where members of the community can congregate and reinforce an intangible sense of community.

  • Downtown represents a huge public and private investment. Imagine how much it would cost to re-create all of the buildings and public infrastructure in Dickinson's downtown.

Why Revitalize Downtown Dickinson?

A downtown or traditional commercial district is the most visible indicator of community pride, along with its economic and social health. It is either an asset or a liability in the effort to recruit new residents, new businesses and industries, retirees, tourists, and others to a community and to keep those you already have.


Quality of life is what separates successful cities and towns from declining communities in the new millennium.


A neighborhood commercial or downtown district is the visual representation for a community's heritage. The architecture of a commercial district is a physical expression of a community's history. The Main Street approach encourages forward-thinking economic development in an historic preservation context so this community asset and legacy can be passed on to future generations.

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